Custom Texas Living LLC

From the company: People often shy away from "custom" work. Understandable. "Custom" often equals "expensive." We build our company and stake our name on creative designs for every budget.

We believe that we have a responsibility to approach every jobsite with a fresh perspective. We believe we have a responsibility to empower our clients with the tools to continually recreate their spaces. We believe materials should not be wasted, and that we can always find better ways to repurpose, recreate, and reuse.

It's a tall order, yeah, but with sore muscles and a smile on our faces, we start with creative design and aim for custom living.


Services Offered

Custom design services
Porches, decks, and patios
Landscaping, hardscaping, and fire pits
Wood floor refinishing
Cabinet restoration
Signage art & design


Custom Texas Living LLC
254 Holmgreen Rd, San Antonio
Phone: (210) 840-3173