A full list of certified contractors will be uploaded shortly. Read on for information on certification.

Nervous about who to hire to repair your original wood windows? Need design assistance for a rear addition? Interested in removing non-original façade elements? Concerned about living sustainably? Rehabber Club can help with each of these types of work and many more! You’re probably wondering how this all works, so let’s explain. Rehabber Club is exactly what it sounds like: a collective group of individuals who invest in the rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of San Antonio’s architecturally significant building stock.


Anyone can become a general member of the Rehabber Club, but to earn credits, you must register as a professional member. Professional members will be assigned the base tier to begin, called an Apprentice member. The credit system offers you the ability to better market your services to historic property owners. To register as a professional member, you must document some experience dealing with historic rehabilitation. Apprentice status will not be granted to any individual with an active code violation, investigation, or stop work order at a property that they are associated with at the time of submitting their membership form.

The Credit System

Contractors and craftsmen who actively participate in Rehabber Club events at the Apprentice level will earn credits which, over time, will accumulate and place you at various levels of Rehabber Club. While the credit system is generally geared toward professionals as a way to market services and attract clients, anyone can participate. Over the course of each year, Rehabber Club will have a number of events, which offer credits. You may also earn credits by documenting successful professional projects completed each year that meet OHP standards. The credits you earn will go toward your overall rating and add you to a Rehabber Club “Certified Contractor List”. When potential investors or homeowners are searching for contractors to hire, this list will be a resource available to them.

Membership Tier System

Now that we’ve gone over how you can earn points, let’s talk about how these points add up. Below are membership tiers that in turn will determine your status in Rehabber Club. Your credits will never expire; however, you will need to earn a minimum of half of your current level’s points each year to maintain your status level. Participation in Rehabber Club Events not only will provide a resource to historic home owners in San Antonio, but will also actively promote your business. The certified list will be organized by work-type so you can be certified in general rehab, window rehab, etc.



Master Craftsman
General Member


60 + 30 each year
50 + 25 each year
40 + 20 each year
Not required
Not required


Preferred Certified Contractors List + A, B, and C
Certified Contractors List + A and B
Rehabber Club Resources + A
Rehabber Club Resources
Rehabber Club Resources

Benefits Key:
A = Company name on all Rehabber Club Promotional Information
B = Free Table at annual Historic Homeowner Fair
C = Company logo on all Rehabber Club Promotional Information

Credit Schedule

We will be assigning points to event details soon. Please visit our events page to see upcoming events and courses.

Additional Information

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For questions and more information, contact Edward Hall at edward@sapreservation.com.